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    Elaina’s MamaMy sister, omehtr & I took my daughter to the Princess Tea Party at Titanic as a surprise for her 8th birthday and we ALL loved it! We learned about princess table etiquette & manners. It was decorated beautifully! She loved getting to dress fancy like a princess. We also loved the real ballerinas who came in to do a dance for us! We loved the tour of the Titanic also! Would DEFINITELY recomend the Princess Tea Party to anyone who has a little princess! AND the Titanic tour for any other history buffs out there! They had boarding passes with info about a real person who was on the Titanic, little speakers that everyone wore around their necks & had different numbers to enter for different sections and even had some geared for kids and some for adults! My daughter was anxious to go into the dark & star-filled room that was 32 degrees like the weather on the morning Titanic sank, feel the 28 degree water which was how cold the ocean was & touch the iceburg. I really enjoyed listening to the live Captain Murdoch at the end tell even more details about the happenings during the last 37 seconds on Titanic before the iceburg hit. WELL WORTH the time & money spent there! ;0)

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    que carajo es esto no se ve nila menor chingadera en esta partitura e que crelleroro que eramos estupidos oque eeeeeee

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    hola a todos necesito q porfa me colaboren con partituras de baladas ya q me estoy iniciando en el saxo alto gracias…

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    esta cancion la toque con el cole y todos los padres se puson allorar

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    deciirmelas plis



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  • Mabel - mayo 7, 2008  

    me encanta su pagina, es muy util estoy toda entretenida con la partitura del titanic, mañana si Dios quiere se la enseñaré a mis alumnos. Gracias Chao…

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    Hola me gustaria mucho que me mandaras la partitura la necesito,te lo agradeceria mucho garacias por todo.
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    gracias por la partitura!!! no saben cuanto tiempo llevaba buscandola … de verdad muchisisisismas gracias…. y me encanta su pagina . chao

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