Fotos de barcos de vela en diferentes siglos

En esta foto vemos diferentes barcos de vela en diferentes siglos.

1. Siglo XV, Carraca
2. Siglo XV, Nao
3. Siglo XVIII, Navio
4. Siglo XIX, Goleta
5. Siglo XV, Carabela Redonda
6. Siglo XV, Carabela Latina
7. Siglo XIX, Corbeta
8. Siglo XIX, Corbeta
9. Siglo XVI, Galera
10. Siglo XVI, Galeón
11. Siglo XIX, Fragata

barcos de vela separados en siglos (fotos)


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    I’ve seen it from the exterior never been isnide however. I’ve had friends and family who have been to formal receptions (weddings, parties, etc) at the hotel. They said it was beautiful. Considering these people are always very honest in their opinions I would believe them

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    aqui en google no ay nada sory pero es la neta jajajajajajaj

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    que imagen, coloquenla mas grande jajajja

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    pongan imagenes pero no en pequeño

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